Gerrit Niezen


I received a Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 as a Christmas gift. It came with a packet of Sweet n Neat cherry tomato seeds which I planted just after Christmas. On 6 January I started seeing the first seedlings.

Tomato seedlings in a hydroponic grow pod

The grow lights are on a simple timer that is on for 16 hours and then off for 8 hours. It also has a sensor to detect the water level, and beeps until you fill it up with more water. So it's really low maintenance until the plants start flowering. That's when you have to start giving it some liquid fertiliser once a week.

Tomato plants in a grow pod

I planted some basil recently in the other pod and the seedlings just started appearing. Overall I think this is a very easy way of growing things, but maybe a bit expensive for what it is. I transplanted two tomato plants from the pod into regular pots, so it will be interesting to compare them to the two that are still in the pod.

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