Smart home stupidity: Part 2

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After my blog post from two days ago, I left a one-star review of Hive on TrustPilot, just to finish venting my frustration at their bone-headed decision to not allow hubs to be re-used. I was a bit surprised to discover today that they left a response to my review, basically confirming what I said and adding another lie on their part:

Which part are they lying about? The part where they say the previous owner's details and history are all contained within their hub. Anyone with a little knowledge of how IoT systems works knows that everything is stored on their servers, and that it's just the serial number that links the hub to the owner's account. I checked: The hub does have a factory reset button. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) Trustpilot does not allow you to respond to replies from the company.

I do find it amusing that they say “the previous owner should have taken the Hub with them”, confirming what I said about how people just “forget” to take their hubs with them, and then tell me it's a deal to buy the hub I already have. Sigh.