Changing filament on the Prusa i3 MK3

Earlier this week I mentioned that I'm printing toys for my son's advent calendar. The Flexi Rex and bathtub boat looked great, but I'm still using the original grey PLA filament that my 3D printer shipped with.

I thought the low-poly Pikachu would be a nice next print, and wanted to switch to green ABS to do that. Changing filaments was so smooth I could hardly believe it! First you select the Unload filament option. The printer will notify you to first pre-heat the nozzle if you haven't done it yet. A couple of seconds later and you can just pull the filament out. To load new filament, you just select the Auto-load filament option. Again it check if pre-heating is required, after which you can just insert the tip of the new filament when you're ready. It feeds through automatically, and even asks you if the colour if the filament looks correct, so that you can feed through more if necessary. Man, I like it when they make things so easy!