3D printing a mitre box

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There is a bedroom wall in our new house that is missing some skirting boards. It seems reasonably simple enough to do-it-yourself, so I watched a 2-part series on YouTube explaining how to fit skirting boards. One tip they had in there was to use a mitre box to help make straight cuts at 45-degree angles in the wood.

Now, I've never used a mitre box before, so I went to my local B&Q to have a look at the options. Given that my skirting boards are more than 16 centimetres high, I don't think a suitable one exists – they are all too low. So I decided to check out Thingiverse to see if there is a parametric version that I can customize for my needs. Low and behold, there is!

It took me less than 5 minutes from downloading the file, editing the variables in OpenSCAD, rendering a new .STL file and generating g-code in Prusa Slic3r, to starting the print. The estimated print time was 12 hours, so it is quicker than ordering from Amazon, and definitely much cheaper than buying it somewhere. I should remember to post an update here if it works!