100 Days to Offload: Day 18

Starting a garden diary

As part of the permaculture course I mentioned in previous posts, I'm planning on staring a garden diary/journal to keep track of our food growing experiments.

We have a small raised bed of 1 by 3 metres, in which various sugarsnap pea plants are growing pretty happily. We also have potatoes growing vigorously in two potato planters filled with compost from the local tip. I also have a bunch of garlic plants growing in pots, thanks to the lovely @GwenfarsGarden@kith.kitchen, who sent me hardneck garlic cloves for free, including instructions on how to grow them.

There's also some thyme, parsley, mint and rosemary growing in pots outside, and inside I have a little hydroponic setup with a small habanero chilli plant that's fruiting pretty heavily at the moment. We also planted more seeds over the weekend, that I haven't even been keeping track of. Therefore the decision to keep track of everything in a garden journal.

There's a very pretty garden journal in the video above, but I'm going to try and keep it simple, having attempted Bullet Journals in the past. I still have a pack of Field Notes notebooks I received as a gift, and the one entitled “Gardening” is still empty.

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