100 Days to Offload: Day 4

I'm currently on Week 5 of a Permaculture course run by Milkwood. This week we're looking at the permaculture principle of using and valuing renewable resources and services.

I've chosen the action of making natural home cleaning products. I'm already using a diluted vinegar solution as a multipurpose cleaner, but I'd like to experiment with replacing some other cleaning products in the house with DIY versions as well.

For example, I'd like to give using washing soda a go in the dishwasher, using vinegar as a rinse aid. I tried making apple scrap vinegar a couple of weeks ago, and I'd like to give that a second try after learning some things the first time round.

How is making your own cleaning products renewable? I can take some lemon rind and a sprig of rosemary I grow in my back garden, add it to the apple scrap vinegar I made with some water, and I have a multipurpose cleaner, where all the ingredients come from renewable sources.

There's a whole list of homemade cleaning products on the Eartheasy website.

two brown spray bottles on brown table

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Photo credit: Daiga Ellaby