Update on converting my bicycle into an e-bike

The original post is here.

I sent a couple of e-mails to Cyclotricity but didn't get any response, apart from an auto-reply that stated that they received my e-mail but “server issues” may prevent them from responding. I then called their technical support, which asked me to e-mail them pictures of what's going on. That's when they gave me an e-mail address that actually works.

It turns out that there are indeed screws missing from the pannier rack they sent me, so they will replace these. They will also send me a new controller housing, since the screw was seized on the first one they sent me. It also appears that I installed the pannier rack correctly even though the images in the instruction manual does not match my kit. Lastly, they indicated that the PAS sensor has to be installed with the black part facing outwards, so I'm going to check if that is indeed the case, and then try to figure out why it's still not working.