Spain's greenhouse complex is another reason to grow your own

A lot of produce available in UK supermarkets is grown in the Almeria region of Spain, inside a collection of greenhouses so large it can be seen from space. While these greenhouses used to be owned by various small growers, most of the greenhouses now belong to large agricultural companies.

I was wondering why this region is so successful. It turns out that because it's located at the south-eastern tip of Spain, it's close enough for Moroccan and East African migrants to work there. These migrants may not have the necessary work permits, so are not paid minimum wage or provided with any government-mandated benefits. It also turns out that even for the legal workers, their hours are under-reported, enabling the companies to greenwash their facilities. Most unions are also not interested in supporting these workers, for various reasons including racism and xenophobia.

So even if you think you think your certified produce from Spain is ethically grown, it may not be. Thanks to modern-day supply chains there is just no way of knowing the conditions in which your imported food was grown. Maybe it's time to try and grow your own?