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I first came across solarpunk on the decentralized social network Scuttlebutt[1]. Like steampunk, and later dieselpunk, solarpunk is a certain narrative and aesthetic about the future. The article “What is Solarpunk?” does a pretty good job at explaining what it is.

On Scuttlebutt I discovered a whole community interested in solarpunk, and someone mentioned that there was a Kickstarter project to translate a Brazilian anthology of solarpunk stories into English. I backed the project, and ended up with two collections of solarpunk short stories in e-book format:

I'm actually reading both of them at the same time. I've found “Glass and Gardens” a bit easier to read as it was originally written in English, with “Solarpunk” being quite awkward in places due to the translation from Portuguese. Hey, maybe I'll put a review up here once I finished reading them!

  1. You can access Scuttlebutt with a software client like Patchwork. For more on Scuttlebutt, see “An off-grid social network” ↩︎