Repetition is better than new experiences

I keep on thinking about that article I mentioned at the beginning of the week, on why trying new things are overrated and how repetition creates space for reflection and can bring unexpected joy.

One way in which I've been trying it out is to listen to my “On Repeat”, “Repeat Rewind” and “Your Top Songs” playlists on Spotify. And it's true: Re-listening to the same songs bring joy, while requiring less cognitive load, so that they fade into the background letting me focus on the task at hand.

This morning I started up my “Top Songs 2017” playlist, and found myself singing along to some of the songs while still being able to focus. Even in that playlist there were songs that felt new, as if I've never heard them before.

This makes me even more excited to try some kind of depth period, where I re-read, re-listen and re-use what I already have instead of always chasing off to search for new experiences, which feels like it's been the default mode for most of my life.

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