Organising electronic parts

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Over the years I've built up a collection of random electronic parts, from Arduinos to loose resistors. I've been storing them in various boxes, containers and a locker at the Swansea Hackspace, but I really can't remember what's in there anymore.

A while ago I came across a blog post on how to organise electronic parts using, and since they have a free account for home users I've decided to give it a try.

I got hold of 100 small (2.25” x 3”) clear resealable bags on eBay[1], to be able to sort and label the smaller components. I wish I could justify buying a label printer[2] as they look super fun to play with, but for now I think I will just use a sharpie and blank address labels.

This is going to take some time, so I hope to give an update on my progress with a future blog post, in terms of how long it took and whether it was actually worth it.

  1. for £1.80 including P&P ↩︎

  2. like the Brother QL-700 ↩︎