Hydroponics: Starting seeds in rock wool

This morning I had a look at the seeds I currently have and started some seeds in rock wool as follows:

  1. Placed rock wool cubes (Grodan 36mm SBS) into propagator (Garland Super 7) trays
  2. Prepared the cubes with half-strength nutrient solution (5mL Formulex in 1L water)
  3. Seeded one or two seeds per cube
  4. Labelled each tray
  5. Placed trays on heated propagator mat

I planted some “Habanada” sweet peppers (1 seed per cube), “Wild Garden Mix” kale (2 seeds per cube, as well as some lamb lettuce or corn salad (2 seeds per cube).

I also ordered some “Red Robin” tomatoes, which should grow only around 30cm tall, as well as some “Bright Lights” chard, which should be fun to grow.

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