Getting an air cooler

It's getting warmer and sunnier every year during the spring and summer here in Swansea #globalwarming. It's now at the stage where I need something to cool down my small home office when the sun is shining in the afternoon. I would prefer some passive cooling like planting a tree outside, but unfortunately the room is not on the ground floor.

I've been looking at various options for cooling the room, and the state-of-the-art appears to be Dyson's Pure Hot + Cool purifying fan heater. It's an expensive device, but it is essentially three devices in one: A heater, a cooler and a purifier. Unfortunately James Dyson is one of the big Brexiteers, which already make me not want to support him. Then I found out replacement filters for the device is at least £65. It's also probably too big for my little home office.

I then came across the Evapolar evaCHILL. It's a small evaporative air cooler that fits on your desk. It runs on 5V USB power, and only consumes 7.5W when running. The replacement cartridges are a more affordable £25, and should last 3-6 months. I'v ordered one and will report back with a more detailed review once I've tried it out.

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