Fixing our toilet

Last week our toilet started filling very slowly after a flush. I opened up the cistern and removed a screw cap from the inlet valve. I cleaned it and put it back, not realising that there was a small diaphragm washer that fell out and got flushed the next time I pulled the lever. Now the toilet was not stopping when filling. Oops.

After finding a brand name (Siamp), i was able to identify the actual model: a Compact 99B bottom entry inlet valve. Turns out you can't buy them from most of the DIY stores in the UK, but the replacement diaphragm washers can be found everywhere. These washers appear to be quite prone to wear and tear, and need to be replaced every so often.

I ordered a new diaphragm washer off eBay for £2.75 (including P&P), and a couple of days later it arrived. I replaced it, but the inlet valve still wouldn't stop filling. I watched a bunch of instructional videos on YouTube, all related to replacing the diaphragm washer of this specific model of inlet valve.

Even after making sure each of the various notches were correctly aligned, the inlet valve would not stop filling. I finally accepted that I'll have to replace the whole inlet valve, and came across this post suggesting an alternative brand that's more readily available and comes with a brass shank.

We picked up the new inlet valve from Click & Collect at Screwfix the next day. I installed the valve, only to have it leak out of the bottom of the cistern. Turns out there's an uneven bump next to the hole in the cistern that prevents the rubber seal from fitting properly. After re-fitting the inlet valve a bunch of times, I finally managed to get a proper seal by using the backnut from the old valve that could be tightened using a spanner.

Am I a plumber now?

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