Changes to #100DaysToOffload

I just noticed that, the originator of #100DaysToOffload, has changed the format from a post a day for 100 days, to doing 100 posts in a year.

His rationale is that he wants more time to work on each post, in order to produce higher quality content. I agree with him that it's too time-consuming to produce a great blog post every day, but I'm going to continue with the 100-day format for the following reasons:

One change that I will be making is not to use the format “100 Days to Offload: Day X” as my title heading anymore, as the title is the only thing that gets federated to Mastodon, and I want people to know what the actual content of the post is about. I'll still use the #100DaysToOffload hashtag and will also add the day as a hasthag.

I’m publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload. You can join in yourself by visiting

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