Buying a car

We currently have a 2009 Ford Fiesta that's causing us more trouble than it's worth. Every now and again something else breaks and it's another half a grand down the drain to fix it. Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to manage without a car, as the public transport network in Swansea isn't that great, and you can only cycle so far in the rain.

I would love to buy a second-hand electric vehicle, but we don't have any off-street parking, nor do we have any public charge points nearby. So it seems that buying a small second-hand car is the only viable solution.

I've trying to identify which cars are the cheapest to maintain and have the fewest breakdowns, and for some reason Suzuki comes out top every time. The Celerio seems very affordable and fuel-efficient. We only drive around 5000 miles each year, so I guess the main question is whether it's big enough to fit a child's car seat comfortably.