Bluetooth LE for diabetes devices

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In a previous post I started playing around with Bluetooth LE on blood glucose meters. This post is a quick look at Bluetooth LE's diabetes device profiles.

Bluetooth LE is an open specification, meaning anyone can download it from the website and read it, compared to most ISO standards where you have to pay and arm and a leg just to read the spec[1]. So I started by looking through the list of Bluetooth profiles to see which ones are specific to diabetes.

There is a Glucose Profile (GLP) for blood glucose meters and a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Profile (CGMP) for continuous glucose monitors. However, it looks like the Insulin Delivery Profile (IDP) is still under development, as the only public mention I can find on it is in their list of acronyms. I did however, find a medication field in the Glucose Profile, so if you want to record the insulin dose as part of a blood glucose measurement, that should work without having to wait for the Insulin Delivery Profile to be released.

I tried to see if I could find out what the progress of the Insulin Delivery Profile was. However, to do that it looks like you have to join the Medical Devices working group, and to do that you need to be an “Associate or Promoter” member. That costs $7.5k/year if your annual revenue is less than $100 million. Probably worth it if you want to influence what the standard looks like, but not worth it if you're just looking for some info. Hey, if you know the current status of the Insulin Delivery Profile, please get in touch! ;)

  1. or proprietary specs, where you usually have to set up a partnership and sign an NDA to read it ↩︎