4 things you can do to improve air quality

You already know that air pollution is a big problem, but you're not sure what you can do about it personally? Instead of waiting on the government or other people to solve the issue, here are 4 practical things you can do to improve air quality:

Stop burning stuff

Wood-burning stoves are one of the leading causes of air pollution in countries like the UK. Even a candle in your living room emits particulates. While we may have romantic or cozy feelings towards burning stuff, it's not great for our lungs.

Get on your bike

Even electric cars emit particulates when braking, so the best way to get yourself from A to B is on a bicycle or by walking. For longer journeys, public transport is the way to go.

Grow plants

Back in the 1980s NASA did this study to show that plants are great at purifying the air. Though later studies didn't quite replicate their results, having some beautiful green plants in your house is never a bad thing.

Switch to an induction stove

Gas stoves generate a lot of particulates during cooking, and you can cut down on this by using an induction stove instead. Is the convenience of a gas hob really worth the risk to your family's health? You may just find that a modern induction stove is just as convenient as the gas version.