100 Days to Offload: Day 16

Shipping cargo by sail

This morning I read an article about a farmer who built a sailboat to take his produce from Vermont to New York City, that @neauoire@merveilles.town posted on Mastodon:

My favourite quote from the article:

Andrus is the kind of guy who puzzles over why, in the face of tremendous evidence, people continue to do things they know are ultimately maladaptive.

I love these kind of stories, and hope that more shipping of cargo by sail will happen the future. I've read about some of the ships mentioned in the article, like Tres Hombres, that sails between Europe and the Americas. There's a pretty good list of cargo sail projects over at New Dawn Traders. The Guardian also published a summary last year.

If you're in the UK, it's even possible to place an order for some olive oil, coffee, wine, beans etc. in the New Dawn Traders online shop, for delivery in July when the Blue Schooner Company ship Gallant arrives in Cornwall.

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