Baby-proofing my house using a 3D printer

I discovered a customizable design for a door stop on Thingiverse, where you can resize it to fit the door holes in your house. I measured the holes, modified and 3D-printed the design, and it turned out to work much better than expected.


I then needed a way to keep our wardrobe door closed. I couldn't find anything on Amazon or any existing designs on Thingiverse that would work. So I started creating some baby-proofing designs of my own.

I noticed that there is a small gap at the top of the wardrobe door, with a knob just behind it. So I thought "why not make something that clips to that knob that prevents the door from opening"? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the wardrobe door holder:



It should work with any IKEA PAX hinged wardrobe doors. I posted the wardrobe door holder on Thingiverse if you just want to download the STL file to print it yourself. Here is the OpenSCAD code to make or modify your own wardrobe door holder:


difference () {
    cylinder(5, d=16);
    translate([0, 0, -1]) {
        cylinder(7, d=11.9);

translate([-4,6,3]) {

I also made a simple hook that clips over two IKEA PAX door handles:


And here is the OpenSCAD code, which is easy enough to modify by changing the variables for width, thickness and height:

width = 82;
thickness = 5;
height = 25;


translate([width+thickness,0,0]) {
Baby-proofing my house using a 3D printer
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